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Welcome to David P. Stern

Jewellery Repair & Restoration London

Our experience in jewellery repairs and restoration extends over 40 years and our Mayfair workshops are well known to the antique and retail trade and London Auction Houses. We are also the Service Centre for H.Stern Jewellers, the world's 5th biggest jeweller. Our workshop is capable of handling anything from a charm to a tiara. We can offer a bespoke jewellery service using traditional jewellery techniques as well as modern laser technology.

We specialise in unique hand-made personalised jewellery, and can tailor to all your needs. We can re-size a ring, or re-attach a charm, replace missing claws to re-secure your gems, repair chains, or replace catches to your chains. Re-set any fallen diamonds or gems. We also take great pride in repairing and restoring antique jewellery.

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Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

Created and handcrafted to your own unique design specifation by expert goldsmiths at our Mayfair workshop, this exclusive service is available only at David P. Stern Jewellery Lodnon. To find out more, please click the button below.

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